Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sidney Crosby Should Just Stay Hurt.

    I can't deny the talent, but jesus christ I am so tired of hearing about Crosby's journey back to the ice. Who the hell cares about him being able to take a hit in practice or maybe this time around he can actually make a comeback. I am so tired of hearing about him. Alex Ovechkin needs to catch fire so we can care about someone else for once.

    Or how about Evgeni Malkin who is killing it in the absence of Crosby? I mean seriously guys this is the second time he will have led the league in scoring while Crosby is out. Pittsburgh needs to realize that Malkin is the guy that should get all the ice time when Crosby finally returns. This guy has 38 goals and 81 points this year after totaling 37 in 43 games last year. There is no doubt that he plays better without Crosby in the lineup and is the better option to Crosby as your number one guy.

    Make him available and I can guarantee you that some team in the dumps of the league will sell their future to land a guy like him. Rick Nash stayed in Columbus because the asking price was what Malkin would fetch. If you don't want to give up such tremendous production then its time to close the book on Crosby. He is a great player but now his future is such a huge question mark. 

    It isn't just because I am a Flyers fan that I feel this way. I can recognize that Crosby does have tremendous talent and if he were to toughen up a little I would respect him as a player but because of his actions I just can't. I would take Malkin any day of the week coming to Philly but I would stop watching games in revolt if they landed Crosby. He is a disgrace to top players like Ovechkin, Malkin, Stamkos, and the Sedin twins with his antics. You play hockey Sidney this isn't touch football. Grow a pair of nuts and play like a man. Stop diving and crying at every hit. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and just stay hurt. It's a better league when you aren't in it.

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  1. i agree 100% on this topic crosby is an amazing player but malkin is the same as crosby except he knows how to throw a hit and fight and when crosby always comes back everyone forgets about malkin and it pisses me off why would pittsburg waste such good talent?